Setup of a Raid0 array
Ok now let's go to work with setting up a Raid0 array.
First of the warning... Back-up critical data!!!
To create a Raid0 setup it is wise to create 2 ( or more if you want, but always even numbers with 2 disks ) partitions of the same size.
A simple program to do this is Partition Magic 8, ( haven't got the space to post this file at the downloads, sorry! )
Here is a sample of PM8

Now as an example, you have created 2 partitions, on both disks which are 10gig in size. Then comes the "tricky" part. Converting to Dynamic disks. This is done in the following manner.

Go to your systems config screen

And then go to System management

And then go to Diskmanagment.

Now if you right click on any of the 2 disks, you can choose to create a dynamic-disk.

Press it and follow the wizard.

You have to make them both dynamic of course for it to work. When this is completed, you can delete the 10gig volumes you created earlier.

Then click right click again on Disk 1, and create a new volume in stripped mode.
Follow the simple wizard, when asked which disk to strippe with, choose disk 2 ( should be on the left side of the wizard, in of course also 10gig ) then when all is complete you have a Raid0 array running.